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The festive season calls for a time to celebrate! But this year, let’s celebrate all women and the unique cultures and backgrounds that have come together to make us who we are. We’re here to celebrate identity. To celebrate tradition. To celebrate heritage.

This collection, inspired by the ancient orient, is a testament to Neelofa’s own cultural heritage and a recognition of the traditions that have existed for centuries in this region of the world. The myriad stories that have breathed life into the East and the beautiful history that we celebrate in our lives everyday.

The diverse nature of this collection gives women the opportunity to decide who they want to be and how they want to express that individuality. Be proud to celebrate your identity and your heritage.

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A semi instant shawl that embraces both practical and elegance at the same time. The elastic band at the back of the neck makes it easier to just slip it on and style it as you wish. Swarovski crystals are embellished on the crown area which makes the design looks more regal. This design is available in 37 colors.
- Korean Chiffon


This piece is a must have! Mulan is our semi instant shawl that highlights the manipulation of the fabric. The pin-tuck technique on Heavy Chiffon makes it look more contemporary. To add some glam into this piece, Swarovski crystals are subtly added. This design is available in 30 colors.
- Heavy Chiffon

Li Ying

A double layer instant hijab that is intricately sewn by layering Korean chiffon with Silky chiffon together to create difference in weight and flow that gives it a more feminine look. The second layer is embellished with two different combo of Swarovski crystals and pearls. This design is available in 23 colors.


Turban can easily be a signature look and choice of style once you get the hang of it. The versatility of this semi-instant turban makes it fun for you to style it. We combined the softness of Wool Chiffon on Cotton Lycra inner readily attached to it. To create comfort along with practicality is the goal! Available in 28 colors.

Li Po

A hijab collection wouldn’t be complete without our Li Po. This halfmoon shawl is made from the finest Korean Chiffon. We added the ‘pinch’ technique at one end of the shawl to elevate the design. Finishing touch of Swarovski crystals and pearls for each ‘pinched’ section completes the look for this festive season. Available in 22 colors.


Wearing a square has never been this easy! Made from the finest Wool Chiffon readily attached to our breathable Cotton Lycra inner - this piece is a must have for all square lovers out there! It can be styled in two different ways whichever suits you the best. Available in 23 colors.


The design on this scarf depicts a scenic artwork of the majestic Mount Fuji splashed across the background. Brought to life with bright colours in 3 different colourways, the foreground illustrates a beautiful cascade of rivers and trees that give movement to the design. Cleverly scaled to look like an abstract piece of art, the satin silk can be easily styled to your desire.


This design is inspired by the richness of artistry in Chinese rugs and tapestries. Decorating the border are traditional cloud motifs, a symbol of luck to surround the design. Floral elements and butterflies that have a deep representation and connection to the freedom of our spirit and soul are scattered within the artwork, a perfect print for a class look.


Featuring large hydrangeas, a flowering plant native to southern and eastern Asia, the floral artwork is set on top of a classical circular oriental pattern. The colours blend and move giving dimension to the design, contrasting the geometric patterns with the blooming elements of the hydrangeas. Cut on satin silk, is scarf is soft and light but easy to shape.



#Naelofaraya2019 #CelebrateIdentity #NHlovers


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